Stress in Houston

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I had the opportunity to talk about my book, Mr. Wilson Makes it Home at a book club last week. One of the people there asked about PTSD, and if I had been officially diagnosed. That’s a tough one. Over the years I’ve participated in a number of Post Incident Stress Debriefings, and sought individual […]

Thick, Black Smoke

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House fire, reports of a man trapped in the basement. Thick, black smoke with wisps of yellow pouring from the basement windows. A darkened door, firefighters putting on their masks then disappearing into the ink. More firefighters arrive, another attack crew follows the charged line through the front door, radios clacking, sirens in the distance […]


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“What did he stab you with?” “What does that matter?” “It matters a lot.” “He stabbed me, just stop the bleeding.” “Did you see the knife?” “What is this! I told you it don’t matter.” “Actually, it does matter. In a minute, tops, your left lung is going to collapse, your chest cavity is filling […]

Home Sweet Station Home

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Michael Morse The fire station is our home away from home, and we like to make it as comfortable as possible without actually spending any money. We put a couple of bucks into a fund every week, and when we get enough money, we upgrade. There is usually a vote, and everything is orderly; three […]

A Firefighter’s Perspective on International Woman’s Day

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My best friend from the Providence RI Fire Department’s 42nd Academy raised a great next generation firefighter.  Not sure which impressed me more with her Instagram post that I hijacked for this post; the original gesture or her reaction.  Well Done Tay Brown, and the person who expressed their appreciation.  Rest easy Providence, you are […]


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All in the family of firefighters… Michael Morse We know how it feels when all we can do is not enough. We live with the mental images of what can go wrong in an uncertain world. We know exactly how fragile life is, and how quickly it all can end. Yet every one of us, […]

The Station Fire, 16 Years, 100 Lives

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One hundred people from my area died sixteen years ago today. One hundred people who were my age, listened to my music, went to the same places I did, lived their lives the same way I did and had dreams, like I did. I knew some of them. Everybody around here knew some of them. […]

Social Media Mob Mentality

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There is no movement. There is no conspiracy. There is no organized, brainwashed hostile cult of MAGA lunatics following their leader. Groups of people roving the country looking for people who are not white, rich, heterosexual and conservative to do them harm exist only in the fantasies of disturbed people who gather on social media […]

Not so Foxy

Entry Img These places are not pretty, or glamorous, or sexy. Not even a little. Funny how quickly the illusion of erotica and beauty is shattered by bright fluorescent lights. The girl, who moments ago captivated her crowd of twenty admirers with her sultry swaying, bleary eyed come-ons and spread legged suggestions didn’t look so good […]

Getting Hurt

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Men make fun of each other. We do it loudly, in public and don’t hold back; especially men who do tough jobs. We exploit each other’s weaknesses for our own amusement. There is no honor or dignity in it, it is not kind or dignified. We hurt each other’s feelings, then do it again. More […]

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