Don’t forget! Tommorow at Borders Bookstore from 1-3, booksigning and other fun!

* Crysalis Angel makes a good point in the comments section. Big Dummy forgot to say where. It’s in Garden City Shopping Center, Sockanossett Crossroads, Cranston, RI. Thanks Chrysalis. If you want to read about real heroes, check out her blog, the link is on the side.


  • Chrysalis Angel says:

    142 Providence Place. Helps to let people know where…Good luck and enjoy. I truly loved the book.

  • Chrysalis Angel says:

    Ohh, shoot and I drove all that way to find, I’d ended up at the wrong address! Got the right day, wrong address and wrong time! (sigh)(just kidding…but I thought about it, I don’t have my book signed:(Thank you for the mention btw, although it may not be the best time to read me – for sure…

  • Kevin (Capt,) says:

    Hey, you said this was on the 2nd over on the GM board! Any more coming up? I obviously missed this one. Stay safe.

  • PFDSpitfire says:

    Just because I know that Michael won’t tell… the signing at my Borders store was a ROUSING success! Twenty-eight copies sold in ONE DAY… fantastic!I’m proud of you!!!

  • Grandma Muggle says:

    Michael, Great job at the book signing! Nice to see your family again as well. I’m proud to be your pal.Fondly Pat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mike, just finished the book. I brought it to work and read it between runs. The story of the dehydrated man made me think of Mr. Fish. A war hero that would sell me his medals for a penny who died alone. Great job, can’t wait for the sequel. Good luck if Mike comes back. Jeff p.s. tell Cheryl hello for me

  • Karen says:

    UGH….missed it again ๐Ÿ™ i so hate not having internet at home…..So very happy to hear its going so well for ya Mike im proud of ya too its too cool how at first you appear so shy ๐Ÿ™‚

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