Screaming Eagles/Hells Angels

The view from the ramp of the Messer Street Fire Station, home of the Screaming Eagles, Engine 8 Tower Ladder 2 and Battallion 2. The Hells Angels are actually pretty good neighbors.


  • Anonymous says:

    Heyy, I live down the street from that. God this neighborhood needs help!

  • Grandma Muggle says:

    Personally I prefer the Red Knights and the Blue Knights. Call me crazy guys but “thems my heros!”I myself have ever ridden a cycle. Horses yes. Cycles no. To each his or her own.I had an aunt who lived in that area what seems like centuries ago. Those were the good old days. The grassy area next to the Screaming Eagles station was where the traveling carnivals would set up. My Dad, who was with the PFD, would take me there. Strange and wonderful things were a part of the show. Nothing like the carnivals of today. Memories of Daddy and me and cotton candy. I feel sorry sometimes for the kids of today.Alas. Such is life.Stay well and keep safe guys.Love, Pat.

  • Chrysalis Angel says:

    I love when you post pictures. It gives me an idea of the surroundings you write about.

  • PFDSpitfire says:

    Those guys are cool – they’re probably one of the better assets of the neighborhood. Don’t let the “reputation” fool you – those guys have the backs of the Good Guys and they respect firefighters. They’re awesome.

  • ann martini says:

    My dad grew up at 149 Messer St., back in the 1930s and 40s, when it was a different neighborhood. That’s just a few doors down from the Angels, and the firehouse where a couple of my pals work.In the early 1950’s, when my dad was a young man, he wanted more than anything to be a Providence firefighter. He applied for the academy, but at 6’1″ and 155 pounds, he was determined to be “of an unhealthy weight” and he was rejected.To this day, my dad takes particular pride in my association with the fire department. It may just be a beefcake calendar, but he gets that I celebrate and respect the work you guys do… the work he himself never got to do.He went on to have a successful career with the state department of administration, and currently weighs 220. :)Thanks, Michael.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’ve been “aquainted” with HA since they were SS and they are some of the best people you will ever want to know..Hi Eddie these are friends thru hard and easy times make no mistake, the fire fighters trust them because men you can count on in hard times come in all shapes, colors, and professions HA is just another one of those…unless you come to defeat them…….. love you guys…and PFDP some of the best men around..Mike beafcake cal sweet S

  • Tony says:

    hells angles compound best house on the street i think

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