I owe a big thanks to Nancy Perry and Heather Caspi from EMS Magazine, Firehouse and EMSResponder. Not only did they review my book back in February but the August, 2008issue features this post from my blog as the first blog featured in their new section featuring the best EMS Blogs on the internet.

As if my head wasn’t big enough…

EMS News Network

EMS BLOGSPOT: DOA by Lt. Michael Morse
This issue sees the debut of a new section in EMS News Network that highlights some of the best EMS blogs
available on the Internet. Submit blogs for consideration to nancy.perry@cygnusb2b.com.

Michael Morse is a firefighter in Providence, RI. After 10 years “on the trucks,” he decided to devote the next 10 years to the EMS
side of “the job.” He’s now seven years in. His current assignment is lieutenant, Rescue 1 in South Providence, one of the busiest
fi re department vehicles in New England, handling over 5,000 calls a year. He is the author of the book Rescuing Providence,
as well as the blog of the same name. Both tell the story of his agency’s day-to-day operations. For more, visit www.rescuingprovidence.

He died last night, fell off the side of his bed, tipped a lamp over and died on the
fl oor. He was an old man, from the looks of things lived a simple life. His possessions
were few, modest furniture, not a lot of clothes, just the necessities. We stood there
after pronouncing him dead and waited for the police sergeant, five of us, strangers to
the dead man, talking about our weekend, our kids, our future.
His grandson arrived, walked past us and kneeled by his grandfather’s side, sobbing.
Another grandson ran into the room and joined them next to the bed. The phone rang,
another family member entered the room. The police arrived, we backed out. As we
were leaving I saw another young man running toward the house, frantic.
He may not have had many worldly possessions, but from the look of the people he left behind, he knew
how to live.


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