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Welcome to the Fourth edition of The Handover, Blog carnival. Thanks to Medic 999 for starting this. This can be a lonely profession. Fortunate are they who have a friend or partner to count on to listen when things go badly, or celebrate when things go well. We have established a community of people willing […]


" Dr. Watson," I adressed my companion," we have an elderly male lying on the floor in his rent subsidized apartment, dressed only in his blue, sailboat patterned pajama bottoms." I took a puff from my pipe and scanned the room. "Numerous large prescription bottles on the kitchen table lead me to believe this man […]

The Handover Submission Request

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In case you were not aware, I’m hosting this month’s blog carnival edition of The Handover. This month’s theme is “Partners.” Anybody who has a firefighting/EMS/nursing/medical/dispatch/police/patient/documentary/whatever else fits into the theme of Partners in the emergency services world blog and would like to have a post of theirs included should mail the link to me […]