Welcome to the Fourth edition of The Handover, Blog carnival. Thanks to Medic 999 for starting this.

This can be a lonely profession. Fortunate are they who have a friend or partner to count on to listen when things go badly, or celebrate when things go well. We have established a community of people willing to listen and share our experiences. It is something I am extremely proud and protective of. Every one of you owns a piece of my heart. I’m sure I am not the only person here prone to isolation, writers generally are. It is imperritive we break out of our self imposed exile and share our thoughts and experiences with those who understand and have what it takes to thrive in a hazardous and stressful enviornment. Those of us fortunate enough have a partner to share their world with. It doesn’t matter if that partner is somebody you work with, talk with on the phone or live your life with. Somebody once wrote a book called “God is my Co-pilot.” Whatever works. A partner makes an unbearable burden less so.

For those of you who read my book you already know how important a good partner is to me. I’ve had a number of partners over the years, all good, some better than others, some acquaintances that have moved on, others friends for life.

This edition is all about Partners. (Some of the pictures of famous partners don’t really make sense, I just thought they looked cool)

Lumo , My Life in A&E


has had a few different role models in his paramedic or nursing quest, reading his blog it is obvious who he emulates.


Adrenaline and Cyanide


Ah, the joy of the regulars, explored on Adrenaline and Cyanide perfectly!


Medic 7


Medic 7’s partner does seem to have a strange way of looking at things, like chicken.


A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver



Holy Moses! AD takes a nice long ride, a bit longer than it needed to be!



Walt, Life in Manch Vegas had the great fortune of working with his true partner, great job!



Mark, Medic999 who started this whole carnival learns a little from everybody he is partnered with. If you read his blog regularly, you will find it is a strategey worth keeping!



Peter, from Streetwatch, Notes of a Paramedic sends this homage to good partners, nothing like having a good sidekick on board.



Jen, Cabin Fever and her company are keeping things safe in the green Mountains. Congratulations, all!



If you havent had the pleasure of reading Spence Kennedy’s Siren Voices, you are in for a treat. These partners could use a little work!


The Rhythm of Life

I loved this one, the day I was asked to host this edition and decided on the “Partners” theme it magically appeared. Karma? Think so.



I recently found The EMT Spot and am glad I did. The posts have a way of sticking with you and making you think hard about just what it is we are doing, or supposed to be doing out there. Well done!



Another new blog to me, Not Trained but we Try Hard. Posts like these make my day, putting a human aspect on who we are.



Your Happy Medic takes a ride with an unresponsive partner. Strong stuff.



Life Under the Lights Makes a frighteningly accurate comparison here. I have walked in his shoes and can relate!



Epi, from Pink Warm and Dry makes my proud to be part of this proffession. This post is a must read for anybody serving time on an EMS rig. We need to know how important each of us is to the other. At the end of the day, knowing your partner stands by you is all you need.



Bernice captures the world around us so eloquently you cannot help but be drawn into each of her stories. This was one of my favorites, I thought I was riding along with her.

Bernice always Calls it as I See It

One night, alone in my office, probably around 0300 I felt compelled to sign onto my blog, click on the Verve Earth link, point my mouse randomly and open the first blog that appeared. If there is such a thing as divine intervention, it was with me this night. I never thought much of poetry, except maybe as good lyrics to heavy metal songs, but Susie Hemingway’s words captured me and haven’t let me go.


Says Susie on her blog, Susie Hemingway, a Power Within, “This poem is dedicated to the Men and Woman of EMS/ Fire Services, Providence, Rhode Island. USA. and to all Medical Personnel and Fire Fighters World-wide who have partners and love ones waiting for them at home.”


Thank you, Susie and Hamada, and everybody who we have helped in any way, even for the little things, for it is you whose partnership matters most. It is our honor and priveledge to answer your calls for help.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of The Handover. The fifth edition will be hosted by A Life in the day of a Basics Doc. http://basicsdoc.blogspot.com/

I’m not sure what the theme will be but, check the doctor’s site for more information.

What with all of this preperation for the Fourth edition I haven’t had the opportunity to visit with the Doctor. I’m looking forward to the experience!


  • Ckemtp says:

    Am I the first? Sweet ;)Great carnival. It’ll take me a while to get through everyone’s post but I’m really looking forward to it. There’s a few blogs on there that I didn’t know about yet. Can’t wait to read their stuff. Love the partner pics.Great Job

  • medicblog999 says:

    Brilliant job Michael, it seems to be getter bigger and bigger each edition!Thanks to all the new contributors and welcome along to “the handover family”!See you all at BASICSDocs blog next month!

  • Susie Hemingway says:

    This is a simply wonderful “Handover Blog” Michael, a brilliant layout,loved the pictures, such a great way to read and find, these seriously well written blogs and I will be reading and commenting on them all. Such Great Stuff this. Thank you once again for your wonderful over generous comments here – have pasted to keep and perhaps use, in the Anthology when finished, also the great comments, on my blog especially regarding the BBC Interview (I think I meant to say 8,000 ‘hits ) still as my boys always say “big it up Mum” ,they were mighty impressed, which is no mean feat I might add. My inbox has been overwhelming and I have been asked to do more interviews. Will have to get an agent at this rate! Thanks to you, for your encouragment in the early days. I never thought there was anyone ‘out there’ certainly know there is now.. I hope you liked the interview,although must do something with my voice, I was shocked to find I sounded so old! but then I suppose I am. A tad early in the day for me needed a bit more coffee. Well done with this great post – love it.Sincerely as always.Susie.

  • The Happy Medic says:

    Great stuff Lt!Another successful edition of The Handover.LOVE the pictures! I was thinking mine was more of a J and Silent Bob moment, but I like the one i got!

  • redoxygentank says:

    Thanks, Michael! Great post and thanks for mentioning me. I can’t wait to read all of them!lindsey

  • Epijunky says:

    Thanks Michael, fantastic job! Some of these are people I’m familiar with, some, not so much, but I’m looking forward to reading every post!

  • Bernice says:

    Forgive me Michael, for I have sinned. I have not posted a comment in days…So here’s your damn comment. Now donate. LOLNo really, thank you for hosting this month. Excellent job putting it all together and even better job with the pictures, mine in particular.

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