Crazy Heart

Tom Cobb wrote Crazy Heart years ago. Now it’s a movie getting some great reviews. Jeff Bridges recently won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the main character and there is a good chance he’ll win an Oscar.

I met Tom through my Uncle Brian. The two have been friends and colleagues for years. Tom’s book, Shavetail and Rescuing Providence were published around the same time. One day, Tom, Uncle Brian and myself were having a coffee when Tom mentioned that selling books is a lot like pushing water uphill. I still use that expression when somebody asks me how sales of Rescuing Providence are going. Judging from the short time we spent together, my guess is Tom isn’t overly impressed with all the hoopla.

As for me, this is the best thing to happen to somebody I know in a very long time! And I’m quite impressed.

I can’t wait to see the movie.




  • Brian Allen says:

    Thanks Michael,
    I’ll get to see it this Friday, I’m excited having read the book. I don’t know where the book is now but I think it made the rounds, West coast and East coast. Awaiting your next success.

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