"It appears we have an open and shut case, Mr. Watson! We're being sent to Pekin Street for a man who has stopped taking his medications."

"Ah, Mr. Holmes, a quick ride to the hospital and back in service."

"Elementary, my dear Watson! Tally Ho!"

"There sir, standing by the side of the road. That must be our patient!"

"Of course, Mr. Watson. Who but a man out of medication would be standing outside at two in the morning."

Watson wheeled the vehicle next to our man.

"You sir! Are you in need of assistance?"

The man, an impeccably dressed forty-four year old walked toward us. He didn't outwardly appear a lunatic, but Bedlam knows the criminally insane are are tricky lot.

"Let him in, Mr. Watson, and let's get to work!"

"I'm having chest pain," said our victim, seating himself on the stretcher."

"Ah…chest pain. Is this a result of your not taking your medication?"

"I ran out."

"And what, pray tell is this medication you ran out of?"

"I don't know, pro..something."

"Prozac?" I asked, fishing for clues.

"No. I had a heart attack last month. It's for that."

"Delusional," I whispered to Mr. Watson as he prepared to inflate the cuff.

"Are you hearing voices?" I asked.

"No. I'm having chest pain."

"Mr Holmes! Look here!" said Watson, pointing toward the monitor.

168/120 with a pulsox of 92%. The clues did not make sense. We were sent to this address for a man not taking his meds.

"Sir, I said, chomping on the end of my pipe. "Are these delusions causing your blood pressure to rise?"

"What delusions? I'm having chest pains. I had a heart attack last month."

"Simply impossible. You're three years younger than me, thin and vibrant. We were sent for an emotional male who isn't taking his meds! It just doesn't add up!"

"Mr. Holmes, perhaps I should look for more clues. A witness is at the door holding a bag of pills."

"Elementary, Mr. Watson. Gather the clues and bring them to me."

Mr. Watson returned, spilling the contents.

"Eurika! Plavix. Nitro. Prevastatin. Metoprolol."

"Sir. These are heart medications! Are you sure your delusions are not actually  chest pains?"

"I had a heart attack last month. They did surgery, put a stent in."

"It all adds up! Mr. Watson, We've got work to do! The game is afoot!"

We started an IV, administered aspirin, nitro and 02, ran an ekg and brought him in.

Another case solved and not a moment too soon!


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