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The Case of the Homely Woman

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"Mr Watson, the game is afoot!" Watson wheeled the vehicle expertly into the fueling station lot, next to the detectives and fire brigade. I stepped out of the rescue and into the foggy night, instantly assessing the scene. "It appears a scuffle has taken place!" "Brilliant, Holmes," said the Lieutenant of Engine 11. The dim […]

Code 999

Entry Img We walk a little taller now, take more pride in our appearance, our skills, ourselves. A great guy in a funny green car touched the blogging world with his passion for EMS, friendship, family and everything this life has to offer. I’ve questioned my own commitment to my profession because of him, and decided […]

I Too Hate Memes

I have been tagged. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, TOTWTYTR graced me with a request to participate in this fun little diversion from the regular routine. Considering the regular routine routinely lands me in the very place that this MIME originates, how could I resist. I, Like TOTWTYTR do not usually participate in these things, […]