Chicago Mourns by Lt. Tom Kenney, Providence Fire Department

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Chicago mourns for two fallen brothers
As others have before
These occurrences are all too familiar
And I pray there be no more

But just as it’s certain that fires will come
It’s certain that more will die
‘cause there will always be people in peril
And firefighters will always try

They’ll try to save an innocent life
Even while risking their own
They’ll try to rescue another in danger
Though their condition be unknown

There’s no such thing as a vacant building
When arriving at a fire
They treat each one as if it were occupied
And the odds rise ever higher

As the homeless overfill our shelters
And they have nowhere to go
Turned away to fend for themselves
No plan for the overflow

Vacant buildings become makeshift homes
For those who have no voice
Trash fires for heat on wooden floors
For those who have no choice

These are the people firefighters seek out
When entering for their search
It matters not what they once were
A residence or factory or church

This happens every day for firefighters
They assume there’s someone inside
Be it Worcester, Charleston or another city
Opportunity and risk collide

These two brave firefighters from Chicago
Have paid the ultimate price
So until we can stop it from happening again
Our respect will have to suffice

Lt. Tom Kenney
Providence Fire Department

Thank you, Tom.


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