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EMS Blog of the Year!

Entry Img I wish I were half as classy and gracious as The Happy Medic, but I’m not. So vote for Rescuing Providence, and all of your dreams will come true!

The Welsh Viking

The Welsh Viking is somebody who, rather that complain and whine about “The System” actually did something, and continues to do so. If you get a chance, please follow the link, and read the post, and say thanks. Thank you, Heddwch.

Medical Author Chat with Greg Friese

The Case of the Bloody Hands

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"Mr. Watson! To the buggy, another case is afoot!" We left the station and travelled a mile and a half to find a school bus, stopped by the side of the road. Inside were students of a most delicate age, thirteen years to perhaps fifteen. A person stood by the doorway that led to the […]