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We gathered in the head of neurosurgery's office, my mom, two sisters, brother Bob and myself, along with Dr. Cotter. He was the best, we were told, and just may well have been. He certainly was nice enough. "He's a good man, I didn't want to leave him paralyzed. We did all we could, the […]


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Speaking of books and reading, I’ll be at The Broad Street School this morning reading something to a bunch of third grade students. If ever you are concerned about the state of our society, and think today’s kids are wild and out of control and just plain bad and disrespectful, I suggest you spend a […]

The Case of the Tweaked Nipple

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"Dr. Watson! To the coach, the game is afoot!" ""Has a heinous crime occurred?" "Perhaps, the investigation is already underway. Our reconnaissance team has discovered a twenty-nine year old male, unconscious in the ladies room of the local Burlesque!" "I do enjoy the Burlesque, Mr. Holmes." "Elementary, My Dear, Watson, Elementary!" We drove to the […]