Speaking of books and reading, I’ll be at The Broad Street School this morning reading something to a bunch of third grade students. If ever you are concerned about the state of our society, and think today’s kids are wild and out of control and just plain bad and disrespectful, I suggest you spend a little time with them, in their classroom if you can, and it instantly becomes crystal clear where the problems we face lie.

It isn’t the kids.

The little creeps are like sponges, soaking up every bit of information they can, in every way they can. They watch the way you move, they notice how you carry yourself, they see the way you treat others and they learn from that. Every second that I am with them will be an opportunity to teach them something.

Problem is, they learn things from everywhere, TV mostly. What a pathetic little device that contraption is.

Update: The kids were great, (it was actually my cousin Carolyn’s kindergarten class,) we had a lot of fun. One problem though, when we went outside to look at thr rescue the fire truck (Engine 13) showed up and stole our thunder!

What is it with kids and firetrucks, anyway;)


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