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The Truth

Everybody thinks it's great to be busy. High volume areas are in demand, Paramedics and EMT's brag about the number of runs they do. *Newsflash* It sucks. Patient care crashes. Morale crashes. The ambulance crashes. I don't care who you are, and how many calls you do, and how many lives you save, and how […]

Language Barrier

It's 0700. Shift change. Fresh faces at triage, tired ones still pushing stretchers in. Different patients, similar stories. The shift that just left fought the weekend battle with us, was as punch drunk as we were, beaten down by the incessant barrage of patients, some drunk, some mentally ill, some bleeding, some dying. Some had […]


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I reached in and helped her out. She had fallen into the bushes, and the other residents were laughing at her, calling her Vanessa the Drunk, Vanessa the Whore, Vanessa the Pig. She isn't a drunk, whore or a pig, she's a sixty-three year old lady who drinks too much, and gets sloppy, and used […]

Rest in Peace, Sir

Entry Img I had the honor of meeting Edwin a few years ago, and though not quite the kind of meeting I would have liked, I was profoundly effected by his presence. October 21, 2008 He’s old, now, closer than ever to infinite eternity. His mind is gone, the brilliant thoughts that once sprang to life […]


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Three flights of trash filled stairs, cat urine overwhelming, barricaded door, filthy floor, empty fridge, a kitchen void of food, five hungry kids, girls with no shirts, babies with no diapers, hospital sheets instead of blankets, empty wall sockets, nothing to fill the plugs, no TV,no radio, no blow dryers or cell phone chargers, no […]

Legal Considerations

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She had been down this road before and was ready for me. "Do you know where you are?" I asked. "Right here at home, 572 Fedora Street, Providence, Rhode Island, USA 02908." "What day is it?" "Thursday, May 26, 0737 hrs, SIR!" she snapped off a crisp salute. "Who is the president?" "President Barack Obama, […]

The Front Room

It's three in the morning, and she is alone in bed, not the bed she shared with her husband for sixty-one years, no, not that bed; never again that bed for her, Now she rests in the hospital bed in the front room, the one that used to be the living room. A few weeks […]


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It’s well past midnight, on a dark, quiet street on the outskirts of Providence. The house we were called to was dark.

The Case of the “Dia-Who-Tees?”

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At the top of the stairs, inside a nondescript home in a public housing project, a rowhouse if you will, wrapped in a blanket, on top of a mattress, much like a mummy, or moth, was a man.

Deep Thought Saturday

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Life is hard. Living is hard. I don’t know a soul who doesn’t struggle with it at one time or another.

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