Just Wait

Bin Laden and his band of douchebags thought they could stay in their little flea infested hole in the wall protected by another band of douchebags in a piss poor country that allows criminals and murderers to thrive and train, and laugh their smug little beards off while launching cowardly attacks on productive, peace loving, human rights and environment protecting Americans.

They thought they would survive the unmanned missile attacks that would surely follow, and dug themselves deeper into a hole and figured they would wait it out. They are famous for waiting, and striking when they feel our guard is down, and they can get away with it. They probably expected to capture a few American soldiers, special forces commandos sent to ferret out the rats, and cut off their heads and watch the rest of our soldiers cower behind the safety of an ocean.

They didn’t expect our forces to respond with courage, and skill, and face death and humiliation with a snarl and a stronger commitment to see this despicable chapter in human history brought to an end. They didn’t expect the American People to stay together, and keep working, and support our troops, and stay productive, and peace-loving protectors of human rights and the environment.

They didn’t think we would wait. They thought wrong. They didn’t think we would win. They thought wrong. They thought seventy-two virgins waited for them on the other side. They thought wrong. Now, they can go fuck themselves.

Never Forget.


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