Code Red! 1990!/video/video.php?v=116016768409055&oid=101308636577729&comments

I never get tired of watching this, produced in 1990. I started with the Providence Fire Department in 1991, remember it like it was yesterday. There's been a lot of days since yesterday it seems!


  • Medic2RN says:

    I remember watching that video over and over back then.  From the wooden ladders to the "old style" box lights, to the brown uniforms (both FD AND PD).  ANd let's not forge the stretchers that did not have wheels that raised and lowered.  So it was basically a dead lift (no pun intended) to get the patient in the box.
    Wasn't life simpler then?
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Capt.
    Be Good,

  • Thanks for posting this. I enjoy it everytime I see it and it's been a while since I saw it last. Very well done piece that stands the test of time.

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