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Trees and power lines were down, trash cans spilled their contents all over the streets, an eerie calm had settled over South Providence and Rescue 1 was assessing the damage.

Time Warp

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Oh my God!  I went on vacation and came back twelve days later and the same people are in the hospital waiting room! And they all look like each other, are dressed like each other, and they all are making the same retching sounds and moans and groans, and the place still smells like vomit. […]


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What the heck is going on here? The same person who looks into mangled cars and pulls out mangled people, has no trouble picking up severed fingers and putting them in a sterile wrapping, brushes puke out of the way with one hand while sinking an ET tube and doesn't even flinch nearly passes out […]

Dying on the Vine

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Rescue 7 has been promised for a decade, dangled like a carrot on a stick in front of the weary eyes of an over worked rescue division. Five thousand plus runs a year is too many calls to maintain an effective, motivated crew. Running around like a bunch of fools is no way to operate […]

Puzzles the Will

Alone, in a dirty bathroom in an abandoned house, syringes everywhere, rat droppings, human waste, empty vodka bottles. Squatters found him. I'm surprised they called us.   To treat, or not to treat, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to leave the unconscious man alone, to suffer his fate, for he slings the poison […]

The Few

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"Thousands of people will apply for your job when you go, get over it." How many times have you heard that one? Too many is my guess. The City of Providence is losing some great people at the end of the fiscal year, June 30th. People with decades of experience; people who came to work, […]

Jake and the Man

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Nothing on the floor but dirt, roaches and him. The carpet was stained beyond repair, food, beer, piss and shit mostly. That would have to be replaced in a few weeks when they finally got rid of the tennant. Three weeks at the most, probably one or two, it wouldn't be long, now. "Jake" stood […]

Hey Denis!

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Hey Denis, I got your Pilot, right here! You better not F this up.

The Patient

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0420 Hrs. "Rescue 1, Respond to 54 Chair Street for a fifty year old male who fell down a flight of stairs." I fumble for the radio, find the key and press. "Rescue 1, responding." In the five minutes it takes to arrive on scene blood flow has resumed, hopefully erasing the crease on my […]

The Man

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We found him laying on the floor, on his back, in the hospital near the cafe. A group of people surrounded him, telling him to stay down and not move. He had an air of authority, but there is strength in numbers, and when you have a herniated disc that moved out of place you […]

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