Gangs all Here

One kid is stabbed, another one bleeding from a knife wound, somebody took four bullets to the abdomen a few hours ago, the lightening has started and golf ball sized hail is falling from the sky. The kid who got stabbed is in the rescue, the other one bleeding all over the sidewalk. The police are going to tow the car that carried five guys, all under twenty, from the east side to south Providence.

The kid with the stab wound jumps from the stretcher and declares his car is legal, YO, and these pigs got no right to be towing his ride, YO, and get off me, YO, when I try to plant him back onto the stretcher. The guy outside the rescue, still bleeding, joins the chorus, YO and declared theis is bullshit, YO.

The other kids dissappear, the cops tow the car and the war has taken a break for now, YO.

We bring the kid who was stabbed to the ER, where he will continue to act like an idiot, YO until they release him, and he carries out whatever plans that brought him from his "side" of the city into south Providence.

I hope it has stopped raining when we get the call. Blood gets everywhere when it's mixed with rain.


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