Tip of the Helmet, from Happy Medic


This story has gone from bad, when I learned two San Francisco firefighters were injured, to worse, when I heard they were critical, to devestating when I found out that hey both died in the line of duty, to bearable as the days passed, to tolerable when I watched some footage of the funeral to where i am now, sort of in a spiritual place where the future looks a little more tolerable, and society a bit less cruel, and confident that people are still able to convey some compassion, honor and respect to the next generation.


  • Lynda M O says:

    Touching. Their deaths made an impact on emergency service personnel all across the globe. With this medium spreading news in minutes, many were following the story.

  • Jamie says:

    Good grief. Pass the Kleenex please. Bless his heart and bless his parents for raising him right.

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