Tolerable Towers

I hereby bequeath and amend all prior bequethments bequeathed prior to any and all feebleness from current or future healthcare proxies the following instruments beholden to ominous lostminderounius on or before my convalescence with consent to expeditiously carry out my wishes as follows:

Under no circumstances am I to be placed in a facility named, doing business as or to be known to public entities as:

1- The Valley

2- The Village at (place androgynous name here)

3- The Lodge

4- Whispering anything

5- The View at …

6- Pleasant…

7- The Woods at…

If due to unforeseen circumstances I must be admitted to a health care facility that specializes in the care of people who who cannot care for themselves, I hereby order that such aforementioned facility be appropriately named. Some examples:

1- The Dump

2- No View

3- Unpleasant Aroma

4- Loud, Noisy, Overcrowded Place to Die

5- Tolerable Towers

These are my wishes, signed and sealed on this day as the powers that be are my witness

Thank you, and goodnight.



  • Steve says:

    To the can not include, I would add
    (place androgynous name here) Manor. Unless of course it is the Stately Wayne Manor
    And to the appropriately named
    The Living Turd

  • Mack505 says:

    Sometimes the corporate names are equally funny.  Around here we have Bane Healthcare (Bane: noun: a source of annoyance or exasperation, fatal injury or ruin.  A deadly poison.) and Epoch (epoch: noun: a unit of geological time.) among others.
    I often wonder at the PR/Advertising people who thought these were good ideas.

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