Time Warp

Oh my God!  I went on vacation and came back twelve days later and the same people are in the hospital waiting room! And they all look like each other, are dressed like each other, and they all are making the same retching sounds and moans and groans, and the place still smells like vomit. It's like i entered a time warp, and while life went on for me, everything at work stood still.

And nobody even noticed I was gone. Was I gone? Am I even here?

The tone keeps going off, I must be here. But it's the same people calling, with the same problems. Frequent Flyers. Familiarity breeds contempt, they say, spend a few years on Rescue 1 and you will know exactly what they mean.

That's all for now, Rescue 1, Responding.

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  • PSilva says:

    Heck, I should do a ride along just for kicks! Compare your Rescue 1 to mine.  Here's a hint: we aren't as busy… but we still get the same BS.

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