What the heck is going on here? The same person who looks into mangled cars and pulls out mangled people, has no trouble picking up severed fingers and putting them in a sterile wrapping, brushes puke out of the way with one hand while sinking an ET tube and doesn't even flinch nearly passes out when somebody he knows is bleeding.

I'm even worse when on the receiving end of an IV. 'Suck it up, soldier, and quit being a crybaby," I may have mentioned a time or two before sinking a 16, but beg for a 22 when it's MY arm being invaded.

Thank god for 911, these "civilians" are useless in an emergency!


  • 40lizard says:

    Family members bleeding doesn't bother me too much more emotionally that they are hurt than anything- The paramedic side kicks in when blood appears- its much later that I fall apart- knowing what I do now about IV's- I just don't watch anymore when its my turn! And I have stopped uttering the dreaded words-"just a little stick now- it won't hurt!"  When its  my turn its like- "ok, I know what's going on here- just get it done and over with!"  LOL!

  • Rachel says:

    I hope everything is ok….who was bleeding? 

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