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Death or Liability

She had been acting strange for a week or two, isolated, quiet, not answering her door. Friends were concerned, she had a history of drug abuse and self mutilation. One of her friends had been trying in vain to reach her by phone, when that failed she drove to her home and rang the bell, […]


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My father was dying. Pretty poor time to get close, but with time running out, it was the only time there was. The Bruins had just swept the Capitols, and Edmonton waited. You would think that a pastime such as pro sports would fade into obscurity during a man's last few days, but instead the […]

Tolerable Towers

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I hereby bequeath and amend all prior bequethments bequeathed prior to any and all feebleness from current or future healthcare proxies the following instruments beholden to ominous lostminderounius on or before my convalescence with consent to expeditiously carry out my wishes as follows: Under no circumstances am I to be placed in a facility named, […]

Hidden Protocol 1.0

Just to prove I've lost my mind I decided to read the Protocol Book again. A few pages in, I found this….       1.0 Pre-screening before Standard Management of All Patients 1. Respond to scene in a safe manner      >Consider scene safety and initiate pre-conceived notions regarding patient      >Use of lights […]

Tip of the Helmet, from Happy Medic This story has gone from bad, when I learned two San Francisco firefighters were injured, to worse, when I heard they were critical, to devestating when I found out that hey both died in the line of duty, to bearable as the days passed, to tolerable when I watched some footage of the funeral […]

Gangs all Here

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One kid is stabbed, another one bleeding from a knife wound, somebody took four bullets to the abdomen a few hours ago, the lightening has started and golf ball sized hail is falling from the sky. The kid who got stabbed is in the rescue, the other one bleeding all over the sidewalk. The police […]

All the World’s a Stage…

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Scene 1 (Apparatus floor, Fire station. Dim lights illuminate a fire engine and an ambulance. All quiet, two brass poles are illuminated by off stage lighting. Quiet…quiet…quiet…A loud tone blares, the auditorium suddenly  illuminated with blinding light, two figures descend from above, sliding the brass poles, then two more, then two more. They scramble for […]

Twenty (again)

I posted this essay on Rescuing Providence in February, it was in yesterday's Providence Journal. I had considered not submitting it, it's kind of personal, then I thought of all the people I work with who would never even consider telling somebody else they were hurting, or need a break, or have had enough and […]


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Update on City of Providence's Response to Severe Storm <!– in Taveras News –> Thursday, June 9, 2011 Citizens also reminded to take safety measures during today’s extreme heat.   City officials are reporting significant damage to areas in Providence affected by thunderstorms and high velocity winds early Thursday morning. Mayor Angel Taveras had the […]


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  From the Mojo   Top Ten Reasons why not to Open a Fire Hydrant to Cool Off   10. Sometimes  sharks fly out of the 3 1/2 inch port.   9. Kids get stuck with fish hooks when Cambodian families cast their lines into the pool   8. Hot rods create Tsunami's when the […]

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