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Entry Img Severe thunderstorms pummeled Providence last night, toppling trees, downing power lines, toppling chimneys, flooding streets and knocking down everything in their path. Roads were impassable, wires arced and created extreme life hazards throughout the city. Every piece of apparatus from the Providence fire Department was on the road doing damage assessment, setting up safety […]


Have I become jaded, or had the world gone mad? At 1330 hours the fire department, an engine and a ladder company, no rescue because not only were all six of Providence's ALS units were busy with BLS calls, and six mutual aid units were picking up the rest, a hospital building had an elevator […]

An Asthma Attackme

"I had an Asthma attack me!" So says David, an adorable eight year old  who found his way into the rescue when the school nurse called us because he had a pain in his side after gym class.

Is Not

She got real close, and with the air of authority thirty years of life and a few of Med School bestowed upon her demanded her patient be taken where she, the physician demanded. I stepped out of the elevator, asked my partner to continue toward the ER, which was one-hundred yards away, in the same […]


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Our “leader” is putting a gun to our heads, disguising that gun as an olive branch in order to trick the taxpayers of Providence into believing that his hands are tied and he is heroically restoring fiscal sanity to Providence.


He could barely breathe, struggled to catch his breath every ten words or so, gulping air from the reservoir of the non-rebreather, then continuing with his story. "I trained thoroughbreds," he gasped. "Came up from Mississippi in'62," gasp " worked Suffolk, and Churchill" gasp "Foxboro and Raynham" gasp "rode 'em, broke 'em, fed 'em" gasp […]


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On September 12, 2001, with the skies overhead as quiet as they were in 1903, before the Wright Brothers considered man flying a real possibility, I sat outside the fence at TF Greene Airport and waited to see some action. I hoped to see some F-16's taking off, a B-1 bomber or two, anything, really, […]

Privatize EMS?

Warwick ambulance Co. owner admits health-care fraud 1:01 PM Fri, Jun 03, 2011 | Permalink Katie Mulvaney    Email PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The owner of a Warwick ambulance company admitted Friday to swindling the health-care system of more than $700,000 by inflating Medicare and insurance claims for runs his service made. John M. Almon, 55, owner of […]

Tranquility Gone

They get their checks and drink them away, month after month, year after year. It's party day the first of every month, Christmas Morning, New Year's Eve, Your birthday, his birthday, her birthday, doesn't matter, the party is on. Until it ends, as it always does, in the back of one of our rescues. There, […]

This (Really) Just In…

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City of Providence to cut 100 firefighters or take back pay raise Download this show Listen Posted: 6/2/2011 1:32:26 PM Updated: 6/2/2011 1:52:03 PM Sources tell WPRO's Buddy Cianci, that the city of Providence is proposing cutting 100 firefighter positions if they don't give back a three percent pay raise that's effective this July as […]

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