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Book News

First, I'd like to thank you for stopping by my blog. Visitors keep me writing, for if not for you, there really wouldn't be any reason to write this stuff down, I already know what I'm thinking. In case anybody is interested, and judging from the Amazon ranking over the last few weeks a lot […]

The Right Way (so says me)

The system stinks, the people are great.

Providence Fire/EMS

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"A fire department based EMS system is the most effective way to deliver quality patient care to the community. When the people assigned to those fire companies are trained and motivated, which they are in Providence, nothing beats it." That little comment and subsequent link created a little debate here at Rescuing Providence. Debates […]


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His hand went wrist deep into a vat of hot- 350 degree hot- tar. He pulled it out, looked at it and had his son call 911. We were enroute to a combative, emotional, suicidal female at the time, and were driving right past the man with the tarred hand. The emotional combative female could […]


I want to feel it. Feel the thrill again, feel something. I want to look forward to coming to work. I want the people I work with to look forward to coming to work. I want the people who work at four of the five hospitals I go to stop asking "why did you bring […]

Quiet Desperation

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I liked Amy Winehouse, thought she had a sultry, bluesy soul, troubled but ultimately good. Didn't think about her till she died. I don't think about the thousands of twenty year olds that die alone in bed either. I'd probably like them, too, if I got to know them. Amy is gone. A lot of […]

The Nut Truck

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I had a few minutes to kill between runs for phsyc patients last night so I sold Rescue 1 on Craigslist and liberated the Dumb and Dumber van from our Repair Shop. It's been sitting there gathering dust since the movie production company left, figured I'd put it to good use. Considering half of my […]

Overheard in Rescue One

The young one had called 911 because the old one was talking in her sleep and felt dizzy. She had just arrived from The Dominican Republic. The middle one answered the door and led the crew upstairs to the bedroom. It was eighty degrees outside and one-hundred and fifty inside. The ladies were dressed accordingly. […]

What’s Next? Oh, That.

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It's Sunday at noonish. Rescue 1 in service. The other five are out. Three calls so far, will it stay quiet? Will something terrible happen? Will I care? No matter what happens next I'm writing a 500 word story. Stay tuned if you dare….   1218 hrs. Seizure, somewhere off of Broad Street. Somebody forgot […]


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What a waste. Great kids, good firefighters, good EMT's. They show up ready to put their skills to use. Most of them know their stuff, and are eager for the first call. It never takes long. From there it is a steady spiral into disillusionment. Nothing can prepare a person for life on an ALS […]

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