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There We Go

Providence is still standing, time to get home.

Here We Go

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I left work yesterday at six and got home in time to secure the summer stuff and get some shopping done. I'll be back at five, the working group is being held until Monday morning. The house should be okay, and the people in it as well. I made some phone calls, made sure the […]


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Hurricane Irene preparations are in full swing here at the Allen's Avenue Fire Station. Generator is functional, fluid levels checked, outside perimeter secured, apparatus ready. The Captain has the troops on high stress level and ready to blow at any second. Mutiny is imminent. Should a bloody coup develop and the Captain made to walk […]

Eighty-four x Forty-five

She’s eighty-four, lying on her side in some mulch outside of the nursing home. Her left ankle was broken. She was conscious, and moaning, afraid. The primary assessment was unremarkable, vital signs stable. We boarded and collared her, started IV’s, administered oxygen and got her into the rescue. I did some more vitals, still stable. […]

Hot Air

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Irene is coming. There's something about a big storm that brings people together, and creates an air of excitement and anticipation that you can feel, as though an electric current was put in the air getting us moving. New England hasn't seen a big storm in decades, Bob in '91, Gloria in '80, Belle in […]

Race Relations

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If you call one of us a name, well then, that just ain't right. If I have to use the "N" word in a post describing the verbal abuse we endure, well, that's just too bad. I work with black people. Respond to their homes, treat them in the street and don't see a bit […]

One Run at a Time

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I saw him while driving to work, standing on the corner, sign in hand, people passing, not giving a second glance. He looked familiar, but they all look alike after a while, I kept driving. An hour later I was in my other seat, Rescue Lieutenant in Providence, and we were called to the same […]

Four Years

I just learned Benjamin has passed away. Rest in peace, Benjamin, and stay safe in Afghanastan, Brother. I can't beleve it's been four years. Benjamin (from 2007) Our patient lived above a restaurant on Wickenden Street, one of the more “hip” spots in Providence. Traffic was tight, the sidewalk busy while people shopped and relaxed […]

The Bar

They call us niggers, spicks, crackers, douchebags, assholes and punks. They punch, spit ,kick, bite, head-butt, and throw things. They piss on the floor of the rescue, shit on the stretcher and put their bloody hands, their blood infected with Hepatitis and HIV on us. “We’re public servants and we need to have thicker skin. […]

Thick Skin

There is a public perception that the workings of the department are opaque and that the citizenry lacks access, according to Paré, who said he wants the permanent chief to address the perception.

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