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The Mission

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Our Mission: Liberate the Power Ranger from Marcus, the leader of a nefarious gang of three year-olds with a penchant for beheading the Rangers and stuffing them up their noses. Objective: Release the head of the Power Ranger from the cave and reattach to his body. Obstacles: Nasal mucus, boogers, an uncooperative mastermind, an adult […]

Vampyros IV

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Tonight, I wake without the tones. It is a bitter awakening, opening my eyes and knowing quite certainly that I am dead. The hunger is constant, the daily need to feed the only reason to continue this existence. That, and I kind of like it, once I make my daily peace with my being. A […]


Kittens lapped the blood from the filthy kitchen floor. A one and a half-year-old cried in a sixteen year old's arms. The badass boyfriend stood by, glaring at her, at us and at the kittens. We had taken him last week for some ridiculous pain med seeking journey through the healthcare system. The patient stood […]

Glove Up!

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I need to re-assess my value system concerning glove use. For years, the first thing I did before any and all patient contact was glove up. I just didn't feel safe or protected without them. Time and runs add up, after decades and thousands of calls my religions adherence to PPE policy went out the […]


The crash happens right across the street from the ER. A little old lady is bleeding from a small laceration on her head, but that is the least of her worries. A few hospital employees, well trained and well meaning are giving the patient emergency care prior to our arrival. One holds pressure on the […]

Great Work

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A thirty-five year old guy sits in the lobby of a waterfront hotel, one shoe missing and bleeding from a cut on his head. Three police officers are with him, asking questions. I put a bandage on the wound and hand him an ice bag. The police ask the usual questions; how many assailants, can […]

Vampyros III

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"He's dangerous." "Robert?" "Yes, Robert is dangerous, we all are. But Sid." "Sid is not well." "Have you known him long?" "Centuries." The night grew short, only an hour before the sun rose, and my waking hours ended. I long for the days when a sunrise would not be the end of me, a finite […]


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Soft, muffled sobs, private sounds of desperation, for how long I don't know, I was asleep. Pain there, pain and sorrow, kept hidden, allowed escape in solitude lest the rest worry. My eyes stay closed, my body still, my mind blazing and hot ready to explode, and free the river of tears to join hers, […]

Still at War

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Ten years fighting a war that has lost the interest of the American people does not diminish the sacrifice, hardship and isolation those who have chosen to fight that war endure. Our soldiers are still there, still in harms way, and still doing the job they were sent to do. Eighty-six US troops had amputations […]


She pulled the safety pin out of her arm and handed it to me. Blood poured out of the hole, running from inside her elbow to her wrist. I handed her a few 4×4's. "Thank you. You're going to get blood on your sweatshirt." It was a New York Yankees sweatshirt, but still. She took […]

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