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Vampyros VIII “The Axe”

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The woman shrieked instead. I opened my eyes and beheld her once lascivious face now two halves, and a firefighters axe neatly positioned between those two halves. At the handle was none other than the FDNY firefighter whose truck had broken down last night. "Fancy meeting you here," I said, and grinned, and allowed myself […]

The Grail

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As gray traces of dawn tinge the Eastern sky, the two travelers, men of Providence, enter the dark forbidden lands of the inner city. Even now the intensity of the minions power can be felt, saddening the heart, and weakening the mind. Their calls will begin soon, sapping their strength and testing their resolve. Their […]


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People who live in squalor act accordingly. It's no coincidence that the 300 Block of Broad Street is infested with people who panhandle, shoot heroin, drink until they drop and create an atmosphere of decay by their very presence. We tolerate it. The fact that we do so condones the behavior of the people who […]

Vampyros VII

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VII Dusk approached, I felt it in my aching bones and depleted veins. I often wonder had I been turned in my twenties if my eternal aches and pains would be less disturbing. I've asked Angus, but what does he know, he hasn't been forty-nine for centuries, never felt the same creaks and groans as […]

Carry On (different, pt. 2)

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I was at Wal-Mart the other day with Cheryl, picking up our usual stuff, cleaning supplies, vitamins and some light bulbs when I wandered down the Halloween aisle. I'm drawn to that stuff, always have been, though I haven't really gotten in on the adult Halloween Party bandwagon, it's more of a trip down memory […]


We tricked her, plain and simple. Told her she was going to Butler Hospital for a Stop Smoking Clinic. It wasn't easy, and took lots of planning, and patience. Things had been spiraling out of control for nearly a year, her grasp on reality slowly slipping away. Men came into her life, the kind that […]

Angry Lieutenant

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Alright all you Thumbalina's, yeah, you know who you are, listen up! There's a new game in town, and it's called "Angry Lieutenant." The object of the game is to make the Lieutenant happy.  A happy Lieutenant is a fun Lieutenant, and when the Lieutenant has fun, everybody has fun, except the Captain, but he […]

Hundred Years

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I scramble around, working like a fool., thousands of EMS calls a year, every year for twenty years, trying to make a difference, thinking I have, hoping it isn't all for nothing. Knowing that in a hundred years everybody here will be gone, and all new people will inhabit this earth keeps things in perspective […]


My belief that all men are created equal has taken a serious beating of late. If we are all created equal, why does such a  divide exist between our world, the third world, the second world, wherever that is and the next world? I’ve found satisfaction with my position, having earned it through hard work […]


Entry Img From day one to year twenty I never fail to be impressed with the incredible job our firefighters do every day. The fires tell only part of the story. The rescue runs when we save a life, or make a difference barely scratch the surface of what lies underneath. We are not born with […]

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