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Rescue 1, Responding to Rescue Rounds…

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I am very happy to announce the release of my new book.  Responding picks up where Rescuing Providence left off, I'm heading back to the city for a thirty-eight hour shift following the thirty-four described in the first book. Both books follow a similar path, but just like every shift, things are completely different! I […]

Rescue Rounds

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I wrote the books Rescuing Providence and Responding hoping to convey an accurate and honest look at the delivery of Emergency Medical Services from my viewpoint, Lieutenant of Rescue 1, Providence RI. I told the story as it happened, changing names and addresses only, and followed the course of a typical thirty- four, (Rescuing Providence)  […]

Vampyros IX “Run!”

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"Blood Glucose 25, I'll get the D-50," said Angus as I started an IV in Chief Charlie's left arm, the one that still had all its fingers. I was aware of the FDNY firefighter and his daughter, they were just within reach of my peripheral vision, and stood silently and still and watched us work. […]


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It's the Night Before Thanksgiving. Shots fired. Rescue 1, Responds. He had a hole in his lower abdomen and one under his armpit. Vitals weren't bad, considering, he was conscious and breath sounds equal. We hooked him up with supplemental oxygen, started some IV's put him on the monitor and carried him from his porch, […]


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In a two room apartment on the twelfth floor a man sits on the floor, smoking, popping pills and trying to figure out how he will get the money for booze not just for today, but tomorrow as well. The first is a week away, he's been running on empty for days. He considers panhandling, […]

Head Beds

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Emergency Medical Services Headquarters G.O. Memorandum # 007 Attention All Units: In our continuing efforts to support and improve the working conditions of our valued employees the Study Commission, after fifteen years of meetings, surveys, coffee breaks and more meetings has developed the following plan to assist our people in the field whose long shifts […]

Split Personality

Any Medic worth anything needs multiple personalities to thrive. Personally, I've been aware of my multiple personality traits since I can remember, or at least since one of my others told me so. Some days one personality dominates, and stays for a while, not letting anybody else through. Other times two of me appear, and […]

Hey, Ho. Let’s Go!

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It's 1977, I'm fifteen and inside The Living Room, a Downcity nightclub with a bad reputation. Drugs, fights, debauchery-the kind of thing that sucks any self-respecting high school kid in the seventies right in. It's late, I had concocted an elaborate ruse to get the night off from the family, which by today's standards didn't […]


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I came across a great story about Providence and The Narragansett Brewery recently, thought you might enjoy it. I tipped more than my share of Gansett's back in the day, and must say I enjoyed every drop!     About 7STOPS 7STOPS is a monthly online magazine featuring seven different perspectives on a single […]


* RANT ALERT- LT MORSE HAS BEEN TAKING BITTER PILLS AGAIN! Let's see if I've got this right: We have been in a recession that began sometime in 2007 or '08. The sub prime mortgage industry, at the behest of some powerful lobbyists in Washington whose enormous financial reserves help elect our leaders and keep […]

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