Head Beds

Emergency Medical Services Headquarters

G.O. Memorandum # 007

Attention All Units:

In our continuing efforts to support and improve the working conditions of our valued employees the Study Commission, after fifteen years of meetings, surveys, coffee breaks and more meetings has developed the following plan to assist our people in the field whose long shifts and extreme workload may expose us to costly litigation:

1. EMT fatigue has been cited as the #1 cause for injury, medication mistakes and vehicle accidents in the field

2. Due to the increase in calls and decrease in resources THE DEPARTMENT has procured Eighteen (18) Head Bed units. The Head Bed is designed to offer maximum comfort in a confined space, ie. the front of an ambulance.

3. Head Beds will be distributed to all units effective immediately

4. Only under extreme circumstances is the Head Bed to be utilized while driving or during patient care, and must be approved by headquarters prior to emergency utilization

5. While utilizing the Head Bed a minimum of One (1) member of the emergency response team must remain conscious

6. Eating while sleeping will be allowed only during peak hours, to be determined by headquarters accordingly

7. Monitors will be distributed, and must be worn under the uniform to ensure Headquarters docks pay according to conscious time while on duty


By Order of The Department                                                                   23 Nov 11   0800 hrs.



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