It's the Night Before Thanksgiving. Shots fired. Rescue 1, Responds.

He had a hole in his lower abdomen and one under his armpit. Vitals weren't bad, considering, he was conscious and breath sounds equal. We hooked him up with supplemental oxygen, started some IV's put him on the monitor and carried him from his porch, where he was when he got shot, and took him to the ER. People go downhill fast, I figured it was a matter of minutes till his BP tanked and he lost consciousness.

He didn't. The day after Thanksgiving we returned to his house, this time his mother was having an anxiety attack- no surprise there- and found him sitting in the same chair he was shot in, only now he was stuffed with turkey, not full of holes. He showed us the dressings, the ones on his body, not the ones in the turkey, and said it was his lucky day. It was one shot, entered through the abdomen, went through his body and didn't hit any vital organs.

We took his mom to the hospital. I don't think she feels so lucky.


  • Old Jake says:

    Just another day in the Service of the Community………………Rescue 1 responding!

  • Old Jake says:

    By the way?????   When is the BOOK coming out?  

  • Old Jake says:

    How about a BIG….BIG announcement of when its coming out.  where there will be a Book signing and where we can get a cup of coffee right after???
    Great Thanksgiving………..Hope yours was Great also.

  • hilinda says:

    A book signing would be great! Even if it takes place hanging out in the fire station. 🙂

  • Patricia Blackman/Grandma Muggle says:

    Yes Michael….please let us know how to get the book.  Anxiously awaiting purchasing several.  Any book signing?  Any launch party?  Anyway…..let me know how to get some okay?  Bye the bye..  Seems that the gentleman in your story had a very lucky Thanksgiving!   Hugs, Pat.

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