Rescue Rounds

I wrote the books Rescuing Providence and Responding hoping to convey an accurate and honest look at the delivery of Emergency Medical Services from my viewpoint, Lieutenant of Rescue 1, Providence RI. I told the story as it happened, changing names and addresses only, and followed the course of a typical thirty- four, (Rescuing Providence)  then thirty-eight, (Responding)  hour shift.

I am an ordinary EMT with no remarkable skills, no EMS Jedi tricks up my sleeve and a true reliance on our Protocol book. Like most EMT's here in Rhode Island I do a good job, work hard and enjoy the precious few moments where I actually make a difference. Those moments are far from the whole story, as I describe in my books, and here on this blog. Surviving the mundane, the abuse and the grind, then performing when our skills and training are needed is the real trick, and I hope that if nothing else I've managed to help some people get through the long shifts, the nonsense calls and the burnout that inevitably follows us along our path. There will be some glorious moments during a career in EMS, but those moments come in ways that you would never expect, and job satisfaction appears when you least expect it.

One of the more satisfying moments for me is the continuing support from Dr. Francis Sullivan. Since my early days as a Rescue Tech Dr. Sullivan has been present, seemingly always on duty at one of the area hospitals, at all hours. He always treated me with quiet respect, and as the years progressed taught through example how to thrive in this field. He has invited me to speak at this month's Rescue Rounds at the Collis Auditorium at Hasbro Children's Hospital, and has the first thirty-five copies of my new book, Responding, and thirty five copies of Rescuing Providence for the first seventy people to show up.

Thanks to everybody who continues to read my musings, and I hope to see you Wednesday Night!


Francis M. Sullivan, MD
Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
The Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University
Staff Emergency Physician
Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital
Providence, RI

Dr. Francis M. Sullivan has been a strong patient advocate and outstanding clinician for 25 years. He is a consummate team player and always willing to help out the department in any way possible. He served as the Rhode Island ACEP Chapter president and has been named one of Rhode Island’s top physicians. Dr. Sullivan has been extensively involved in EMS in Rhode Island for many years, participating in the Rhode Island Disaster Initiative and the development of Rhode Island’s first critical care transport service.




                                                                RESCUING  PROVIDENCE

                                                           Providence FD Lt. Michael Morse


                                                 Professional  reflections  and book signing


                                  Complementary copies of  Rescuing Providence and Responding



                                                     DEPARTMENT  OF  EMERGENCY MEDICINE


                                                                 RHODE ISLAND  HOSPITAL

                                                           HASBRO  CHILDREN’S  HOSPITAL   

                                                                 THE  MIRIAM  HOSPITAL


                                                                      NOVEMBER 30, 2011


                                                                                     6 PM


                                                                COLLIS CONFERENCE ROOM

                                                              HASBRO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL


                                                       DINNER AND PERHAPS PARKING SUPPLIED


                                                                          A UEMF  PRODUCTION






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