Rescue 1, Responding to Rescue Rounds…

I am very happy to announce the release of my new book.  Responding picks up where Rescuing Providence left off, I'm heading back to the city for a thirty-eight hour shift following the thirty-four described in the first book. Both books follow a similar path, but just like every shift, things are completely different!

I will post ordering information when I have all of the details, the publisher, Emergency Publishing will be distributing the book primarily through and as time progresses will get on board. If all goes well bookstores will stock it, but as I've learned over the last four years the publishing industry is a very strange place since the digital age took over.

I am truly grateful to have experienced the process of writing, pitching, finding an agent, then a publisher and seeing my words in book form. There is nothing like holding a book, and turning the pages, and folding a corner to mark where you left off, then picking it up and starting over. I hope the days of books are not coming to an end, but time will tell, I suppose.

I'll probably have some copies to offer here at, and hope to figure out a way to personalize copies for people who are kind enough to order one, I'll keep you posted.

For now, tonight's Rescue Rounds features yours truly, and Dr. Sullivan has purchased the ONLY thirty-five copies available, and is giving complimentary copies to the first thirty five people who show up. In addition, he had also purchased thirty-five copies of Rescuing Providence, and will be giving those out as well. I'll be signing books and talking about my experiences, so the free books do not come without a price, this you must endure, but I promise to keep it short!

Hope to see you tonight.


  • Fantastic! I so wish I could  come to your signing evening. Still I will be ordering as soon as details are available. – Very very good luck is wished for this fine venture.

  • AJ says:


    I hope you get to see my facebook post! It was a pleasure to finally meet you! It was an even greater experience listening to how you have put this masterpiece together. I have already read the first 6 pages or so and don’t want to put it down. Thanks again for the opportunity.


    • Michael Morse says:

      Hello AJ, great to finally meet you as well, and thank you for the support here and on Facebook, i hope you continue to enjoy the book, and I will be seeing you.

  • hilinda says:

    I've been wondering how the evening went. Looks like at least one person left happy. 🙂

    • Michael Morse says:

      Hello Hilinda, the night went well, I had a great opportunity to meet and talk with people I recognized but hadn’t met. It went fast!

  • Steve R. says:

    I just received a Kindle for a birthday present.  Is there any plans to make the new book available in Kindle format?

    • Michael Morse says:

      Hi Steve, I hope so, usually takes a few months for those things to work out, I have no control over any of it, just hope the book does well!

  • Pat Blackman/Grandma Muggle says:

    Oh thank goodness.  I'll be ordering about 6 as soon as I get the information.  You might see me at the station one day with a pen and an armload of "Responding."    Will  you sign them if I bring brownies?  This is wonderful news Michael.  I'll be waiting to get them.  The books not the brownies!  LOL.  Love yah.

  • MIke it was great to see and hear your story lastnight on how you got started blogging and wrighting the book. You really have inspired me to blog a little and look past the dark times that you can incounter in the job of ems thank you for all you do. Stay safe my friend out there on the mean streets and good luck on all future projects.

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