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The Case of the Insolent Medic

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"Dr. Watson! To the study, it seems we have a complaint that needs to be addressed!" "Shall I bring the brandy, Mr. Holmes?" "Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary." We retired to the study, Dr. Watson stoked the fire as I prepared the documents to be perused. One Mrs. Waddingon from Pembroke Lane had sent a […]

Uncle Tony, Veterans Day

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Thank you, Veterans for your service to our country. He’s eighty-five and thinks his days are numbered. He felt the same way back in ’43. I had to pick my chin off the floor when he told us about the German Luger that was missing when he returned from a ten day “kind of” unauthorized […]

The Family Room

He's a big man, really big, in life he took up a lot of room wherever he went, same as he dies in my rescue, spilling over the edges of the stretcher designed for people three hundred pounds or less. With the extra weight come extra problems, IV access is difficult to say the least. […]


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are mere days away from the long awaited sequel to Rescuing Providence! Responding continues the story of the four day war which Lieutenant Morse, his partners Mike, Renato and now Al embark upon every week. This book begins at the beginning of a night tour, 1800 hrs and moves through […]

Lieutenant Bobby Dunne

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When I think of why I feel blessed to be part of the Providence Fire Department, I think of Bobby Dunne. I think of my first fire, wondering how badly I screwed things up, wondering if I did enough, fought hard enough, was brave enough or if I even belonged on the fire ground with […]

Thurbers Avenue

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I've been reading more and more about EMT's firefighters killed in the line of duty while directing traffic, or just being struck and killed while doing their job at accident scenes. I have done a lot of things during my twenty years as a Providence Firefighter, spent time on icy roofs chopping holes, been inside […]

Big City, Small World

He's eighteen, in great shape and at walk-in clinic getting a work-up. His chest started to hurt yesterday, not so much today, but he needed to breathe easy, and wanted to be certain there was nothing seriously wrong with his heart. He has had a heart murmur since he was an infant, I could hear […]

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