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Letters and Comments

  Last week the Providence Journal ran this letter from my friend, Captain Kenney. Tom is a third generation Providence Firefighter who is extremely proud of the job, the people who do it and the history and tradition it holds. A lot of people commented on his words, a lot of disrespect and misunderstanding, but […]

End of the Road!/profile.php?id=666618536 In an odd twist, the shameless self-promoter, Michael Morse links FROM Facebook TO Rescuing Providence, all to further his insatiable quest to bring attention to himself. In other news, the linked commentary piece from yesterday's Providence Journal is a result of my intense dislike of Crossroads due in no small part to the thousands […]

Vampyros X “In Omnia Paratus”

Entry Img   X In Omnia Paratus   "There's no time for that," I said to Charlie as he fumbled for the keys to his pick-up. "You need to stay with us, To the ambulance, and hurry!" "I've got all my things in the U-haul," said Bob." "We'll have to come back for it, no time […]

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I dedicated the book, Responding to John and Kellie, two patients whose presence in my rescue has stayed with me on every call (another story for another day, perhaps.) John died, Kellie lived. Though their stories have played a huge part in the books, and the blog, and my career, without the camaraderie and support […]

Home Alone

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Thirteen of us sat or stood in the living room, all eyes on the little computer monitor as the fourteenth person joined the party. The picture was fuzzy, and the motion stopped and started, and froze every now and then, but still, talking to somebody half a world away and seeing them in real time […]


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The following appeared in The Providence Journal. It's the first thing I ever wrote that was published. Of all the things I've written and published since, this remains my favorite. I hope you enjoy it, and Merry Christmas!   Recently, during my yearly pilgrimage to the rafters above the garage, I began a journey that […]

Who’s That?

Entry Img   A little flash fiction, courtesy of Loren at I Saw Lightening Fall, for Christmas!   Pour yourself a stiff drink, pull a favorite chair close to the fire, gather the ones you love, open up the I-Pad and enjoy some good old-fashioned ghost stories! My contribution is below, I wasn't feeling very ghostly when […]

LODD Captain Frank Reddington

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This tells the story of one of the last EMS calls I had with Frank. He was always the best of the best, at fires and on EMS calls.

Marley is Dead

"Marley was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that." And so began Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol in Prose," which I had some fun with this week. But being dead really isn't much fun, I don't think, and being near somebody dead even less so. Knowing if they are dead, thinking […]

Refusal Form, Revised, 12-17-2011

                Refusal Form (Revised)   I,_____________________ (EMT Name) representing _______________________(Agency Name) on ___________________ (Date of accident, "injury") have assessed the scene and patient and do hereby refuse to treat or transport because: (check appropriate field. More than one checks is acceptable)   __ Patient is on cell phone and ignored responders when approached __ Patient […]

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