This is a pretty dull photo to the untrained eye. To those who fought the fire inside the burning house it is a beautiful sight!

Fire contained. The fact that the exposures are five and ten feet from the fire building apparently escapes those who continuously want to cut staffing, attack pensions and under fund fire departments. X—53.html#.TteI61YTCCs


  • Josh says:

    While the companies did a great job and staffing/underfunding would impact how the job gets done, how does the pension part impact anything? I fail to see the logic. If instead of a pension they recieved a 403B plan as a benefit would the not be able to do their jobs?  I realize pensions are sacred to those in public safety but that pension isn't a tool to get the job done.  If anything, the cost of pensions if what is leading the counties to cut staffing, training and equipment budgets.  A properly done 403B plan would give many benefits without the high cost potentially leaving funds for the rest of those items.

  • Kevin P. Connors says:

    The Providence Fire Department, in my opinion,  works wonders in their attack on a fire.  They get to the scene, assess the situation and quickly extenguish the blaze. 

  • Kevin P. Connors says:

    They are a pleasure to serve from the Providence Canteen.

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