Overheard in Rescue 1

"I've figured out what went wrong with this country."

"And what, pray tell, is that?"

"Bathrooms. There's too many bathrooms."

"Your point?"

"Waiting teaches patience Nobody has any patience anymore. Everybody wants it now."

"And if you can't wait?"

"That, my friend, teaches humility."

"Patience and humility are the answer then?"

"We had one bathroom and four kids. My dad was in the shower from 6:30 till seven. Monday thru Friday. Nobody entered. Nobody knocked. Nobody whined, or begged or pleaded to get in. We learned patience and humility. And we learned how to organize our time. It was brilliant. Lesson taught without a single word being said."

"And the ability to piss and shit at will has ruined the country?"

"Exactly. Now you're getting it. Now step on it, I've got to go."

"You can't wait?"

"Not anymore. Age teaches humility too."

"You must have eternal humbleness hidden somewhere then. You've had plenty of time to acquire it."

"Hurry up, I'm losing my patience."


  • sarah archer says:

    haha briliant and soooooooo true

  • Suz says:

    Yes, we are spoiled, and I'd like to stay the way, thank you very much.

  • Old Jake says:

    I laughed so much that I now have patience all over my lap!  Damn……..Does that mean I lost my patience??????

    • Badmetsevil says:

      My sentiments elcxtay. Except, I am an atheist. Pretend god doesn’t exist? Why else would all those horrific things happen? And could you still stand up and say your god is all-loving, all-powerful and all-helpful when he lets people suffer for years and so many.Want a christian answer? Suffering is good. It makes you show you love your god more. (sadistic huh?) Satan did it! (Sorry, Isiah 45:7 god created evil To test you (see suffering is showing you have faith .in sadisticness). It was that person’s time. God’s answer is no. God just happened to need that person in heaven. (the place of eternity? What could and all-powerful god need?)By the way Jesus, one man, if he existed, suffered for about 6 hours. God’s creation, billions and billions of people, often suffer years on end.Who cares about this life when heaven is peaceful??Why couldn’t your god make everyone boring and loving LOL just like it’s going to be in heaven .for eternity!Who cares what happens to people and the environment, who cares enough to fight when you will have a bigger paradise in heaven.NEED I GO ON?

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