The Way They Were

"I'm going to do you."

"You most certainly are not!"

"Why not?"

She was seat belted on the bench seat, wearing the guy on the stretcher's button down shirt, and it definitely was buttoned down and a pair of dirty underwear.

"Because I'm happily married." I couldn't think of anything else at the moment.

"Then I'm going to do him."

She pointed to the nearly comatose man on the stretcher. How he managed to fit into her tight jeans is beyond me.

"No you're not!" I said as she unbelted her seatbelt. The guy on the stretcher was blissfully unaware.

We had found the two lovebirds down an embankment in the city's East Side, off of Gano Street, a little enclave that sported all the enmities, a sitting log, a broken in mattress, pretty colored glass flooring, careful not to cut your feet! a water view and privacy. A few dirty needles and lots of empty bottles only added to the ambiance.A pedestrian had heard moaning from the bottom of the embankment as he walked past and called 911.

Quick as a rabbit she stood and fell onto the guy on the stretcher, straddling him. Fortunately for all involved, a gallon of Viagra would not have been enough to revive him.

She gave me a toothless grin, pulled her shirt open exposing her milk duds then passed out on top of her lover.

I finished the report, considering bringing them into the ER just the way they were.


  • Old Jake says:

    This has nothing to do with the post above.  I had the pleasure of meetiing Lt. Michael Morse at the Firefighters Hall yesterday.  He looks nothing like his pictures.  He is a short fat bald guy with knobby nees, missing teeth and hearing aids.  It was amazing.  !!!!!!  He signed two copies of his book for me then he gave me $48.00 ?  
    All kidding aside, It certainly was a pleasure meeting you yesterday Mike.  We chit chatted about old guys on Rescue.  New folks and Chief Raposa came over.  He was a classmate of mine and a boss of yours at one time.  It was super.  Best wishes to you Mike and continued success with your writing.  I finished the book last night and I was thrilled.  Keep on keepin on!

  • Michael Morse says:

    Ha! Thanks, Old Jake, it was a pleasure meeting you, and thanks for the support! And if you are old, I'm knocking on old's door!

  • Pat Blackman/Grandma Muggle. says:

    Milk duds?  Good grief I am way old and I can do better than milk duds!  😉  Gosh Michael.  I sometimes think that your life is absolutely magical! If you don't see it all you sure do see a whole lot!!!! 
    Hope to find a way to get those remaining 5 books to  you for a signing.  Just couldn't make it today.  Bye the bye.  I LOVE your dedication page.   Erin still hasn't stopped smiling.  LOL.
    Love yah buddy.

  • Repeal It All '13 says:

    I believe you meant amenities, not enmities, although the definition of enmity (mutual hatred) sounds appropriate enough.

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