Who’s That?



A little flash fiction, courtesy of Loren at I Saw Lightening Fall, for Christmas!   Pour yourself a stiff drink, pull a favorite chair close to the fire, gather the ones you love, open up the I-Pad and enjoy some good old-fashioned ghost stories! My contribution is below, I wasn't feeling very ghostly when I wrote it, the spirits did it all in one night!


Finally! Respite from the madness! If the washroom must be my only place of refuge, so be it! Nothing makes me happier on Christmas Morning than a door shutting out the mayhem emanating from under that tree!

Months spent shopping and lying all to extend an illusion for another year! Poor kids, they too will that learn Santa is a myth!

Better shave, company coming. That’s it, some nice lather on the old chin. Hmm, perhaps a touch more. Ha! Now it looks like a beard. Ho Ho Ho!

Wait! Who’s that in the mirror? What’s he doing in there?


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