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I dedicated the book, Responding to John and Kellie, two patients whose presence in my rescue has stayed with me on every call (another story for another day, perhaps.) John died, Kellie lived. Though their stories have played a huge part in the books, and the blog, and my career, without the camaraderie and support from people  whose stories keep me company in the middle of the night, or push me to be better at what I do, make me laugh or give me the answer to the question, "why do I do this?" I simply would not have continued writing about my experiences, and without the release that writing gives me I most likely would have given this up years ago.

So, thanks to them, and thanks to you, for taking the time to visit here. You can find most of the people whose work I acknowledged on page 3 by following the links on the right. Some have stopped writing, or closed their site, but most are still plugging along, and their contribution to our profession is better for it.


The following is page 3 from my book, Responding:


Many thanks are in order.  Cheryl, Danielle and Brittany, who are the reason for everything I do.

Jon Ford, The Men and Women of the Providence Fire Department, “In Omnia Paratus.” Thank you all.

Erin, bookseller extraordinaire.

My friends from the Blogosphere, in the general order I found them, or they found me, Ambulance Driver, Chrysalis Angel, Happy Medic, Pink, Warm and Dry, Paramedic Supermonkey, The EMT Spot, TOTWTYTR, Burned Out Medic, A Power Within, Street Watch, Medic 999, Cabin Fever, I Just Call it as I See It, Life in Manch Vegas, The Brick, Ghetto Medic, Not Trained but we Try Hard, Notes From Mosquito Hill, Siren Voices, Pondering, The Insomniac’s Guide to Ambulances, Unlimited Unscheduled Hours, Report on Conditions, Medic Dani, A Life in the Day of a Basic’s Doc, Swordmaster’s Apprentice , Everyday EMS Tips, and everybody from the Fire/EMS Blogs Community, as well as the dozens of other blogs I enjoy.

Thank you for the great reads and inspiration."



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