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Is it Over?

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The War in Iraq officially ended today. Nine years ago it started, nine years later, it ended. Nearly 4500 American soldiers died fighting The War in Iraq…

Fire-Rescue Newbie

Fire-Rescue newbie, a Worcester resident has some incredible details and insight concerning the LODD in his hometown. Great job, Fern.

The Way They Were

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"I'm going to do you." "You most certainly are not!" "Why not?" She was seat belted on the bench seat, wearing the guy on the stretcher's button down shirt, and it definitely was buttoned down and a pair of dirty underwear. "Because I'm happily married." I couldn't think of anything else at the moment. "Then […]

LODD, Worcester

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We filled three busses. The road from Providence to Worcester, Rt. 146 is an old, by today's standards anyway, highway that rolls through Rhode island and Massachusetts. I looked out the window and watched the country pass me by, used car lots, old homes, strip malls and closed down factory buildings. It was a quiet […]

Holiday Sale at Firefighters Hall

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This year's sale will be on 09 Dec 11 (7am) at Providence Firefighter's Memorial Hall. There will be lots great gifts for sale, clothing, patches, artwork, hats, books and other Providence Fire Department related items. On Friday, December 9, 2011 from 10-2 or so I'll be at The Providence Firefighters Union Hall Providence Firefighters IAFF […]


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Overheard in Rescue 1 "I've figured out what went wrong with this country." "And what, pray tell, is that?" "Bathrooms. There's too many bathrooms." "Your point?" "Waiting teaches patience Nobody has any patience anymore. Everybody wants it now." "And if you can't wait?" "That, my friend, teaches humility." "Patience and humility are the answer then?" […]

Uncle Bob

Thank you, Kim, for reminding us that Bob was much more than a firefighter: (Comment from Kim, Bob's niece) Lt. Robert Dunne was my Uncle. For 28 years I knew him as just that. He was the Uncle who would make surprise visits to see us out of the blue, swim in the pool with […]

Responding … On Sale Now!

Entry Img I always thought that my job,or better yet-a day of my job, would make a great book. I had all of the ingredients for a good story, some crazy characters, life and death situations,  a ticking clock to add suspense, a pace that goes from auto-pilot to full throttle when you least expect it, […]

Opportunity Knocks

A fourteen year old kid opens his door when he hears a knock and gets shot in the chest. Dead. A twenty-one year old girl sits it the passenger seat of her boyfriends car, and gets shot to death by the people gunning for her boyfriend. A sixteen year old kid gets shot in the […]

Hot and Alot!

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When I was fresh out of the Acadamy and assigned to Ladder 7 in the city's North End the guys quickly learned that I had spent a lot of years working in area restaurants. "Can you cook?" "Yup." "Get in the kitchen." And that was that. For years I was the chief cook and bottle […]

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