Scientific Method Pertaining to Book Sales.


Not a lot of people buy books from people they don't know.


I don't know a lot of people.


I'm not selling many books.


When my first book was published, I thought I would be on Oprah, and everybody would absolutely HAVE to have Rescuing Providence. Then, I found out that 90% of books sold are written by about 25 authors, and I am not one of them. Most books published sell less than 500 copies. Rescuing Providence is well over 2000 at this moment, and the Kindle version is doing quite well. Therefore, after letting the air out of my head, I have concluded that for a Firefighter in Providence who doesn't know a lot of people, I ain't doing too bad!

Responding has been available for a little less than two months now, and has sold about 300 copies. Considering about 100 went to friends and family, (much appreciated!) and another 100 to aquaintances, either on-line or casual friends, (also much appreciated!)100 people who I don't even know bought my second book. That's 100 people who forked over $22.50 plus shipping and handling to read my story. Plus, all of the folks I don't know who bought, or read Rescuing Providence.

And I had the balls to be dissapointed.


More Scientific Method Pertaining to Book Sales.


There are millions of things to read for free.


Somebody I do not know is reading something that I wrote, probably right now.


I am a one lucky guy.


Thanks for reading.

Hope to see you Sunday.


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