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What, No Applesauce!

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I'm working at Rescue 6 in Olneyville tonight, a little stressed out-10 calls in ten hours so far, twenty-four hours to go. Lunch was hours ago, a cold bowl of soup and a stale grilled ham and cheese. What posesses guys to buy boiled, canned ham? And yellow cheese "food?" Every firefighter should have one […]

Phishing, Not Like This

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He had a headache. A bad headache, he said, been hurting all morning. "I have headaches too," I said, not impressed. "Not like this," he replied. "Have you had headaches like this in the past?" I asked, half paying attention to his answer. "Not like this," he replied. Something about him wasn't right. He was […]


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"I thought you said you weren't doing the blog anymore." "That was in 2008." "Then you said it again." "2009." "Then again last year." "Yup." "And just before Christmas you said it was changing direction, going to be more creative." "I said that?" "You wrote it." "Mule kicks me in the head I quit the […]

Failure to Communicate

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Somewhere on Broad Street a man finishes his "half," stumbles around for a bit, then falls into the street, striking his head on the pavement. A couple of ladies on their way to their job cleaning houses on the East Side witness the event, and call 911. Their call goes to Rhode Island's 911 center […]


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They seem like a nice enough couple, quiet, much like everybody else in this neighborhood where everybody pretty much keeps to themselves. They looked to be enjoying the later years of life, gardening in the summer, a little smoke coming from the chimney in winter, now and then a leisurely walk around the block. A […]


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It's always great when JEMS links one of my blog posts to a story on Well, almost always great. My original post follows the link. I wrote it in response to the headline, "Paramedic raped a woman as she lay unconscious…" I said it was obscene. Not the alleged rape, which if true is […]

Responding in Providence Journal   A second book that takes us to the streets   Bob Kerr   Brenda Olenkiewicz, the counter girl at the Coffee Grinder in Warwick, gives “Rescuing Providence” a very strong review.    “I learned a lot. I didn’t realize how much crap they go through.”    Now, she wants more from author Michael […]

Fire Truck Transport?

I would have done the same thing, and I don’t need to be a paramedic to say that.


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We're returning from the repair shop, driving through the West End on our way back to the North Main Street Fire Station. I'm in the tiller cab of Ladder 4, sitting on top of the world and watching it go by as we roll through the roughest neighborhood in Providence. Litter flies past us as […]

On Sale Now!

Entry Img The brave men and women who make up our nation's EMS system willingly risk their lives every day to save people they don't know and often cannot communicate with. See for yourself how difficult, frustrating and at times heartbreaking this job can be, as lives are lost, scarce medical resources squandered, futures altered, and […]

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