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* the following rant is the result of the contributors reaction to reading about a high school student's "cryptic" Facebook post which was discovered after he murdered three classmates and wounded two others. How the author linked the murders and working conditions in China is anybody's guess. The following has everything to do with the […]

Responding to EMS Today!

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The JEMS Conference and Exposition starts today. I will not be attending, but copies of my book, Responding will be.


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Shots fired into a crowd on Westminster Street in the West End, just past midnight. One person shot, hole in his hand and another in his thigh, near a femoral artery. The wounded leg grows as the seconds tick, blowing up to twice its normal size. "It's just a leg shot, I'll be okay, right?" […]

Hundred Yards

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He's having a heart attack, so he had his wife drive him to the ER. He's forty-eight, no history, but smokes like a fiend and has a drink or three every day. He's pushing 300 pounds, and "knew this day was coming." They made it to the hospital parking garage where he could go no […]

The Nobodies

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It's campaign time. The relentless onslaught of ads touting one politician or another are about to begin in earnest, and the overriding message will be "I'll fight for you!" Who are they fighting? Whenever there is a fight, somebody loses. There's winners and there's losers, and nobody wants to be a loser, so we either […]

All Hot! Red Clam Sauce

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There's a place in Narraganset Bay, twenty feet off the low-tide shoreline where the rocky bottom of the ocean gives way to soft sand. Little Neck Clams live there, and grow and multiply, and are always there, waiting for somebody to liberate them from their underwater world, and eat them. The circle of life is […]

Mortal Men

Entry Img I have been a fan of Peter Canning for years. His was one of the first blogs I read, and Rescuing Providence owes a great deal to Street Watch. Believe it or not, there was a time, long, long ago (seven years) when there were only a few EMS and Fire related blogs […]


Entry Img If they can do it there, they can do it here! Hoping for a happy ending, best wishes to Ryan and Family.    


Just wondering, does this like button work? Or should there be other choices, like a little, like a lot, don’t like? I know one thing, I’d like it if a few more people used the like button.

The Station

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    "Don't you make fun of me!" she shouted at the super market customers who walked past her. People came and went, some gawking, some ignoring, some just glancing our way. A spilled gallon of milk rested between her legs, a bag of groceries sat next to her, filled with what she had planned […]

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