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Vampyros XIV KISS

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"I have a plan," I said to our group of misfits. "It had better be a good one," said Charlie. "Things don't look so good." "It is. Hear this. Bob, you and I will follow our little friends Tim and Billy back to the outpost, and they will lead us to Sid. Charlie, you and […]

All Hot! (Steak Marsalaki)

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Joe wants steak for dinner. It's A Group's last night, and his turn to cook. He stops at the supermarket on the way to work, picks up 12 Idaho potatoes from the bin, puts ten cans of corn into his basket and heads to the meat counter. There, to his delight, displayed in the case […]


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There wasn't much to do in Warwick, RI back in the seventies. There was a pizza place on the corner where we used to hang out, just goofing around, smoking, joking and being stipid fourteen year old kids. The place didn't do much business, the owner ran out of money and hired a couple of […]

Toga Party

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Normally I like Metallica, the louder the better. This time it was a little much. My ears were ringing before Samantha opened the door, letting a dozen flies, a few cats and the stench of a thousand assholes out of the house, and inviting us in. "He's in there," she said, puffing on her Marlboro […]


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We leave home never knowing what to expect once the shift begins. It takes only one call for everything to change. I've had my optimism shattered, confidence crushed, faith in humanity destroyed and willingness to continue doing the job questioned countless times over the years. Knowing that the person you love isn't really there is […]

Fast and Well

It's crazy in there, people screaming, confusion and chaos so contagious even the dog looks worried. The old lady islaying in her bed, struggling to breathe. Surrounding her are her well intentioned but completely useless family, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, and a grandchild or two. The old lady is sucking on her empty inhaler […]

Captain Misfit

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Congratulations to Insomniac Medic, EMS 12 Lead, Backstep Firefighter and Statter 911! To be honest, I had wondered why Rescuing Providence was excluded from the Readers Choice part of the contest. I had finished a close second two years running, surely, this was my year! I am, after all, the Big I  Am. Then, […]

Fresh Start

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I cleaned out my locker yesterday, twenty  years worth of things gathered together in two bins. Old fashioned photographs had to be peeled from the wall carefully, the scotch tape clinging to the edges for all it was worth making the task nearly impossible. Funny how those pictures have been there every time I opened […]

The Writer

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In case anybody is interested in writing a book about their experiences, this might help, I just found it, it was published in The Writer magazing in 2008. The article was improved considerably from its original state by the editors at the magazine.   Breakthrough, by Michael Morse AFTER SOME Success as a freelance writer, […]


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An Army Vet who spent time in Afghanistan was emotionally unstable, possibly suicidal, and threatening his family. We were called and, at the families request made the wrong decision to transport the Vet to the ER for a Psych Eval without police involvement. He attacked us. My partner suffered a broken thumb and my back, […]

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