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When this was new, and only a few ventured into the blogosphere with their stories, Chris Kaiser was there. We would comment on each other's posts when nobody else noticed them, and made writing about ourselves and our jobs fun.  You have your family, and everybody has a place, but there are always the ones […]


I found a way to sort out some things that were bugging me, and poke some fun at the EMS system, myself, and the people who call us when I started writing this blog. I've told a lot of stories, had a lot of people visit and made more than a few friends along the […]


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Overheard in the rescue after clearing Roger Williams Medical Center.   "Just when I thought things couldn't get any stupider." "Stupider isn't a word, stupid." "Look in the dictionary. That lady's face is the definition of stupider." "Okay, then. But you should say 'more stupid." "What are you, the grammar police?" "No, I wrote the […]

Squalor Begets Squalor

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From the Providence Journal this morning: Squalor begets squalor on the 300 block of Broad Street   MICHAEL MORSE      People who live surrounded by squalor will act accordingly. It is no coincidence that the 300 block of Broad Street, Providence, is infested with people who panhandle, shoot heroin, drink until they drop […]

The Body

I see thousands of people a day, every day. Must have seen a million by now. Strangers, forgotten as soon as they pass. A body in the water; now that's something I won't forget. One of my favorite stories is The Body, by Stephen King, and then the movie based on it, Stand by Me. […]

Had It

I can isolate, stick my head in the sand and pretend all is well in EMS. I can write cute little stories about holding old ladies hands and comforting a little kid who broke his arm. I can go the disgruntled employee route just as easily, and write stories about the morons who call 911 […]

Psych Transport

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Empty eyes. Nothing there. No glint, sparkle or life. Never seen eyes so vacant. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If that is the case, this guy's soul went missing. He moves weird. Tics, shudders and spasms, then dead still. It's strange, and unnerving. He doesn't look at me, and I'm […]

In My Head

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I sat in the Captains seat, palms and fingers cradling my head, willing my heart rate to slow down. Once I got control of that, I figured the dizziness would stop. The patient on the stretcher droned on about wanting an IV, wanting a blanket, wanting something, I don't know, I wasn't able to hear […]

Says Me

The following is my response to a post at Anchor Rising pertaining to disability being the "new" welfare.   You have two choices, continue the entitlements, or buy lots of guns and ammo. There are hoards of people who do not vote, do not work, do not care and do not intend to do without. […]


Eyelids flutter as the needle pricks the skin, no reaction after that, daughter and son sit close, expectantly, waiting for their mom to come around. She was okay an hour ago, they tell me, talking, walking, a little depressed, but alive. She had fractured her pelvis in August, and had been in rehab ever since. […]

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