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The following is my response to a post at Anchor Rising pertaining to disability being the "new" welfare.


You have two choices, continue the entitlements, or buy lots of guns and ammo. There are hoards of people who do not vote, do not work, do not care and do not intend to do without. They won't work for what they think they are entitled to, they will take what is yours if you do not continue to give it to them willingly. The government knows this, and is simply keeping the peace for as long as they can.

Things are ugly in the real world. The misrepresentation of real society by the media and government will not go on forever. Soon, very soon I believe, the clothes will come off, and the naked truth will be exposed. Then, all of this Liberal vs. Conservative nonsense will be shown for what it is, a bunch of entitlement minded fools pecking away at their keyboards while little by little the world around them went to pieces.

The masses won't care which side of the debate you were on, they will murder, steal and rape both sides indiscriminately.

*disclaimer, I just spent seventy-eight hours in Providence, watched a good cop die waiting for a Johnston rescue because Providence's six were tied up with the usual assortment of drunks, helpless and homeless people, listened to a stabbing victim ramble on about getting those punks, fought with a junkie who decided I was his problem, scraped half a dozen drunks off the sidewalk and brought them to an overloaded ER where people from "the outside" watched the parade of morons with horror. I'm a bit jaded at the moment.


  • Lynda M O says:

    My heart goes out to you, Mike, and the family, colleagues and friends of the downed peace officer. There must be a way to deal with this issue of ambulance abuse…

  • old jake says:

    Those who have not, who won’t try, who won’t work and don’t give a shit are the entitled in this society. I am sorry………They take and take and want more. They are spoken of the down trodden in society. “BULLSHIT”! I see the down trodden every day as I am on my way to work. I see them taking part of my pension because the officials cant balance the budget with unrealistic demands of the retirees when our downtrodden need so much more.? I am rambling and should have somebody stop me, but the down trodden are partially responsible for the LACK of EMS service in the city of providence. They get more and everybody else gets less…….PLAIN AND SIMPLE. providence better get with it very soon or the city is going to go into complete chaos

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