I found a way to sort out some things that were bugging me, and poke some fun at the EMS system, myself, and the people who call us when I started writing this blog. I've told a lot of stories, had a lot of people visit and made more than a few friends along the way. Some of the stories were actually pretty good, and had a profound effect on myself and the people who read them.

Recently, we lost a good police officer, and none of our rescues were able to respond. It was frustrating, and the best I could do was to write about it long after the incident was over. It makes me feel better, getting things out of my head. When I write things, I do it for myself, and knowing that others will read my words is forgotten during the few minutes it takes me to get things down. It is during that time that I bring peace to whatever it was that needed sorting out.

Without knowing I was doing it, I also managed to bring some peace of mind to some people who were frustrated with what appeared at first glance to be a lack of concern on our part when one of theirs was down. By exorcizing some demons from my mind, I managed to help alleviate some growing resentment between our fire department and the police officers we work with.

A few days after the tragic LODD of Sargent Max Dorley, a friend, who is also a Providence Police officer called to let me know that he and his colleagues appreciated what I had written. The link, was forwarded by him, and through social media, something I also like to poke fun at more often than not, things sorted themselves out.

I have gotten a lot of satisfaction from the response to this blog, but nothing made me more proud of this place than that. Sometimes I think this whole thing is little more than a place to brag, massage my ego and satisfy my never ending need for attention. It is nice to know that this is actually a whole lot more.

Thanks for reading.


  • Bill says:

    Thank you for writing.
    Many times, you are putting into words that which is in
    our heart and soul.

  • Michael Morse says:

    Thank you, Bill. I’m in a little hot water at the moment, might be best to keep my words safely in my heart and soul.

  • Pat Blackman/GrandmaMuggle says:

    Hope the water becomes tepid to cool soon.

    Max went to junior high school with Erin. He was a nice young man and I am sure he grew up to be, not only a fine police officer, but a wonderful husband and father as well.
    Sad to say he is the third Providence police department member I have know. Jimmy Allen, Max Dorley and Sgt. Steven Shaw. I knew Seven’s grandparents, I grew up with his parents and my kids grew up with him and his siblings. Heart wrenching losses all.

    When you write, Michael, you make things a little clearer for those of us not on the job who wonder about our “everyday heroes.” You bring “humanity” to the uniforms. Suddenly each of them is not just “A Face in the Crowd.” No longer shadow figures but human beings with live, feelings, problems and joys of their own. That benefits all of us.

    Keep on keeping on my friend. I love your blog and your books as well.

    Hope all is well with you and the family.

    Thanks again for all you do!

    Love, Pat.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    I was given the site by a friend just today and it has already been a favorite of mine. I wanted to say that about 3 yrs ago I lost the very best friend I ever had. He taught me most everything I knew about the fire service and pushed me to become the person I am today. He was working out at the gym, had a stroke, then went into cardiac arrest. He lasted a week in critical care, and was taken off of Life support on December 15th 2008. Below is the Blog posting I made for him. I to have good days and bad still and it’ll probably never change.

    “The last week has been one of the most trying time in my life. My best friend in the whole world ( besides my wife ) passed away after he went into cardiac arrest while working out in a gym. We’ve been friends for over 15 yrs, I started as a snot nosied punk to a Lieutenant at a progressive dept, with his guidance and knowledge.

    In 1992 when I met Louis, I knew that he was different but as we worked together and played together I found that we had more incommon that I thought. The “Group” of FF’s that started with me had Louis as a mentor, He tried to take the country boy out and put the city in and in somes ways he did. The group went to NY a few times ( Pre-911), and Baltimore was an annual trip, the things that happen Baltimore stay in Baltimore( Right !!!!). And one day he said “I’ve got a great idea, lets be Paramedics” and I said sure why not. Well 7 yrs later we’ve been working togather @ Parkwood, been medics for 6yrs now I ask What was he thinking? In my mind it was just his way of furthering my career. As the Group drifted away Louis was trying to pull us back togather along with his life. But we know how we get schedules, OT shifts, Kids activities, and we forget where we come from and who helped us along the way. I asked Louis to be the Godfather of both my children and without hesitation he said Yes (both times) His parents were my second family. My father passed away in January this year and he was there every single day at my bekind call. The stories I could tell but I want, needless to say we were tight. Almost every phone call or interaction I said “Love you mean it” and he was weary about saying it in public. Monday morning came around he was getting ready to leave work we switched our equipment ( My wifes and Louis’s BDay are 2 days apart and we always celebrate them together every year ) and talked about the night before, I asked about the bd planning and he said “we’ll do it later after I check my schedule” Famous last words, but as he walked out the door he turned around and said Steve “Love you mean it” and left the station. At 15:00 hrs on Monday I recieved the news of his cardiac event, for 6 days he struggled and on the 7th his work here was done. He went to be with family and friends that have gone before him. Louis there is a huge hole in my heart that needs to be filled, even though you are not here physically please be with the ones that love you and guide us as you have in the past.

    I said all that to say Please, Please, Please Dont hesitate or wait to check your schedule, I have personally been given 2 messages this year, I should have learned from the first one. Hug your kids everyday before leaving for work, Kiss your wife/girlfriend (one or the other not both) before bed, go fishing with your dad, because there may not be another chance. Please pray for us, this has hit hard and every good comment travels miles.

    “Love you mean it”

  • Michael Morse says:

    Thanks for that reminder, Stephen, life is too short for some, too long for others. He must have been a great gut to have left such an impression.

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