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White Lies, Black Spots

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I rounded the corner and saw him lying in the grass in the backyard of a recently renovated home in the West End. From fifty feet away he looked okay, forty not so much, thirty I began to worry, twenty and I knew something was terribly wrong, the last ten feet just happened. His name […]


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Police and Fire work side by side, days turn into weeks, and years, the calls keep coming, and routine sets in. Maybe we take each other for granted. Then, one of them is gone. I've known Max for fifteen years, but never really knew him, he was just there. Now he's gone. Officer Dorley was […]

Strange Beginning

He sat in a recliner, remote control in one hand and his cell phone in the other.   "What's the matter?" "I'm schizophrenic and can't walk." "How did you get to the third floor?" "I walked." "Well, one of you is going to have to walk back down the stairs." "Okay." Then he got up, […]

What Happens at Work…

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  The cable guy was finishing up, having spent a few hours in my house. It's tough not to figure things out about a person when you are on the inside. I spend a few minutes in a person's home and could write a book about them. I'd have to make a lot of it […]


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"Attention Engines 10, 11,3, Ladders 5 and 1, Special Hazards and Division 1, a still box." I kept my ears tuned to the Captain's radio while I chopped some onions, waiting to hear from the 10's. It didn't take long. "Engine 10 to fire alarm, heavy smoke condition." I chopped a little faster. At the […]

Attention All Cars!

Last Saturday night every police cruiser in Providence was called to Level II, a nightclub downtown. A melee was in progress, ending with the stabbings of seven people, and multiple other injuries. The press focused on the fact that EVERY cruiser in Providence was needed to quell the riot. Less newsworthy was the fact that […]

Promise and Desperation

And a child is born, another life, another story begins. This one arrives on a stretcher, rolling through the doorway at Woman and Infants Hospital. It couldn't wait, couldn't stand another minute inside the womb, of the woman who pushed it away I said, It's a girl. She said get that thing away from me. […]


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I used to take my ability to hyper-focus for granted, thinking it was something everybody could do if they were in my shoes. It isn't a skill learned, nothing I had to study for, it just is. I read something about how sports stars do similar things, when the game is on the line, the […]

Benefit Street

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The following is an excerpt from the book, Responding. My new truck, Rescue 5 is quartered just below Benefit Street.   0934 hrs (9:34 a.m.)   “Rescue 3 and Engine 7; respond to 268 Benefit Street for an elderly male who has fallen down the stairs.”        We put down the paddles; I went […]

Vampyros XV Gangs

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"Captured the vampire killers, Malcolm? You are one of the vampire killers," said Bo, whose size and charisma made him the defacto leader of this gruesome ensemble. We were completely outnumbered. Sid caught on fast when it came to firefighter operations. Killing a bug with a sledgehammer is our modus operandi on most jobs, if […]

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