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Contract, Disability, Whatever Else

I wrongly used the tragic LODD of two firefighters as fuel for a post about the current climate concerning public sector unions, especially firefighters unions. For that, I apologise. I've never retracted a post here at Rescuing Providence, and have no intention to do so now. I did delete the commentarry from that post out […]


0330 hrs. A little break in the action, just in time. My head hits the pillow and I'm gone, sweet blackness, no dreams, no tossing, no turning just me and unconsciousness. I call it death sleep. I've never actually been dead, but days like this lead me to believe it might be preferable to consciousness. […]

What Lies Within

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"What did he stab you with?" "What does that matter?" "It matters a lot." "He stabbed me, just stop the bleeding." "Did you see the knife?" "What is this! I told you it don't matter." "Actually, it does matter. In a minute, tops, your left lung is going to collapse, your chest cavity is filling […]

LODD Philadelphia

My sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers to Lt. Robert Neary & Firefighter Daniel Sweeney, Ladder 10, Philadelphia Fire Department who were killed in the line of duty this morning, and to their families and all members of the Philadelphia Fire Department. Apologies too, if this offends any of the survivors. We hear it all the […]


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Things get noisy sometimes, it's hard to block out the world, and ignore the sirens and shouts, the blaring music and everything else that contributes to the ruckus.  I've found that those are the easy things to block out-it's the racket going on in my head that gets in the way more often than the […]


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3:14. I have no idea why, but most nights, after sleeping for a few hours I wake up, and the clock displays those numbers. I dreamt of falling bodies last night after drifting off, probably around 4:14. I think my subconscious mind has stored things I've seen; put them into a vast file cabinet somewhere […]

Final Descision

It's late, the hour, and the life of the man whose dying breaths fill the room. Those agonal respirations prompted one of the family to call 911, although they had been coached, and prepared for this moment for months. Their dad, husband, brother and grandpa lie dying in the living room of the house he […]

Somewhere Else

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Overheard in a house in a country not far from here…     "Son, what are you doing?" "Learning to speak English." "Why?" "Because I am taking my family and starting a new life in America." "Great idea, but why are you bothering to learn English?" "So that I can teach my children before we […]


Entry Img I took a few minutes cleaning up the site, thought this Random Photo thing came out okay. Every one of the pictures is in a post somewhere in this blog, these and hundreds more that I forgot to save. Rolling through old pictures brings out so many emotions, so many memories and so many […]

By You

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They're in their late seventies, been together for forty plus years. One morning, he tells her he doesn't "feel right." A few hours go by, he gets worse, then gets so dizzy he falls. She calls 911, and when she finally gets to the fire department dispatcher tells him that she needs help. He asked […]

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